In May 2011, during the 2 weeks period between semesters at KIST (9th-20th May), FAED (faculty of architecture and environment design) in collaboration with the Kigali City planning, organized a workshop ‘Kigali streetscape workshop’, which the realization might be refunded by the Kigali City planning.
The workshop was envisioned to survey the area between the Centreville roundabout and KIST campus, seek out and research applicable precedents, and finally, propose a design that could help to define a new face for Kigali along the Avenue de la revolution, or propose a variety of viable and applicable streetscape alternatives that could implemented here or in other parts of the city.
This workshop proposes that a street can be designed to support the various aspirations through manipulation of traffic, integration of transport systems, programming of sidewalks to include areas of passive and active recreation, leisure, or commerce, and through landscaping/street furnishing to support this programming.

The rethinking of the streetscape of the Avenue de la revolution was posed as a problem for research and design by the Kigali city planning, actively seeking the input of the faculty and students of the department of architecture, in the faculty of architecture and environment design. During this workshop, the studio meets different guests to help them to develop the design; Donna Rubinoff – director of Kigali center for the urban planning, Lama Mugabo, Tim Hall.

12 students in the department of architecture was involved in this workshop; Ntigulirwa Marie Amelie, Mpfizi Richard, Nyilimana Lambert, Murwanashyaka Shaffy Assouman, Nshimiyimana Aloys, Ntayoberwa Eric, Bigirimana Jean Paul, Twizerimana Alain Yves, Uzabakiriho Jean Jaul, Nduwamungu Darius, Kayeye Patrick, Isabane René
And 3 instructors was involved; Toma Berlanda, Nerea Amorós Elorduy, Sierra Bainbridge.


  1. keep working hard because people outside expect a lot from you, and your start was quit exciting


  3. tired of the city of cars(KIGALI)...we need pedestrians friendly streets design...keep it up FAED.Hope u will push forward the implementation..