Visiting lecturer, Susanne Gampfer will introduce us to her work in the Mathare slums area of Nairobi.

The Skills Centre in Malaa near Nairobi, Kenya is a special project in many respects:
Initiated by a Kenyan-German partnership of NGO’s, it aims at offering young people from one of Nairobi’s largest slum areas Mathare a practical education in several different professions from carpenter to electrician. The school building was designed by a group of German architecture students with input from the future users and experts from a partner University. Finally, the design team travelled to Kenya to realise their ideas working hand in hand with workers from the local community. The building is constructed out of traditional and innovative materials: walls made from local natural stone encase a filigree roof structure made from indigenous Kenyan bamboo.

The buildings create a sense of place in a scarcely populated rural area in a literal but also in a figurative sense. The complex has attracted much attention. Now, about six month after the official opening, local students have joined the courses and neighbours from the surrounding farms are planning to use the school for community meetings and other activities.

Please join us Wednesday, February 20 at 5:00 pm for an arctalk in our continuing Empowerment by Design series in classroom 2 at FAED on KIST’s campus.


Wambete Soita, Head of Architecture, and FAED's Cultural
and Outreach Committee invite you to the introductory arctalk of the 2013 school year, semester II .

This lecture will show the public,the outcomes of a study, research and analysis of the coastal settlements in the Tanzanian coast, specially Stone town in Zanzibar, performed by the third year students of Architecture, in mid January 2013.

arctalk:  learning from swahili architecture
Wednesday, February 6
5:00 PM
3rd year studio @ FAED on KIST's Campus