It is our pleasure to invite you all tt the third of *arctalks*, the public lecture series sponsored by the Department of Architecture at KIST.

This Wednesday, 31th October, we will hear from Amin Gafaranga, founder of SOGEM Rwanda.

Please join us Wednesday 31th October at 5pm in FAED Classroom 2 for the lecture.


Welcome back to the SECRET CINEMA , an event curated by KD|AP in support of The Faculty of Architecture and Environmental Design(FAED) at KIST!

These cinema events will continue on the theme of urban change, in conjunction with the KIST Urban Design Studio Year 4 (based on availability of films and at the discretion of the organiser). I may revert to the voting system every so often, so simply subscribe to the newsletter for updates on events.
The first film in the re-launch of these screenings is Urbanized; a 2011 documentary film by Gary Hustwit 1 and considered the third of a three-part series on design known as the Design Trilogy, the first being Helvetica about the typeface and the second being Objectified about industrial design. The documentary discusses the design of cities, looking at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world's foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers.
Entry is 1500 RWF per person to subsidize free entry for the KIST Students. Please note, this event is a non-profit endeavour.
This will be shown on TUESDAY 7th November at 8pm , at CINESTAR cinema in Nyamirambo. 
TOTAL RUNNING TIME - 85 minutes.

Your support is enabling our students exposure to resources not readily available at KIST and we thank you for your patronage.
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It is our pleasure to invite you to the opening of the new season of Cinemarc, the cinema series sponsored by the Department of Architecture at KIST.

This Wednesday 24th October, we will show you THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

Based on the 1943 eponymous novel by Ayn Rand, the 1949 film adaptation of the Fountainhead’ charts the architectural trajectory of Howard Roark. A talented and aspiring architect, Roark struggles to find commissions for work, from clients that allow him artistic autonomy, whilst his less creative, but more obedient, peers such as Peter Keating seem to follow the pack and succeed. However the meaning of ‘success’ to Roark is grounded within his inherent need for artistic freedom and not the quantity of work. Disenchanted by trends of architecture ruling the profession, he abandons architectural practice to work in a stone quarry. A series of understanding clients, however pull back Roark from the brink of obscurity, yet the resilience of his artistic ego arising from concepts of the ‘ownership’ of his designs, result in drastic undertakings and explosive results.

'THE FOUNTAINHEAD' was shown as part of ARCHITECTURAL THEORY IV (ARC 3322) lecture on Ethics taught in Semester 2 by Killian Doherty.

Please join us Wednesday 24th October at 5:00pm in FAED Classroom 2 for the projection.

We hope to find you all there.


It is our pleasure to invite you to the third of the arctalks, the public lecture series sponsored by the Department of Architecture at KIST.
Wednesday 17th October, we hear from Eng. Didier G. SAGASHYA, Deputy Director General of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority.
Eng. SAGASHYA will discuss about building land administration in Rwanda through land tenure regularization.

Rwanda is undergoing social and economic transformations after 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, had a new Constitution in 2003 and a national land policy in 2004. Subsequently an organic law related to land use and management was enacted in 2005.  The policy and the law set principles for land ownership, land use planning and land administration which were inexistent and incoherent before.
In order to ensure security of tenure, institutions in charge of land were established right from national to cell level. With high political will, target to register all lands in Rwanda was incorporated in the EDPRS 2008-12.
The programme aimed at registering 10million parcels of land in 2148 cells using Aerial Ortho-photos and para-surveyors for demarcation and cell land committees together with village leaders for adjudication. As of end of September 2012, 10.4 million parcels (100%) have been adjudicated and demarcated and 5.8 million leasehold titles approved and printed for issuance. The total cost for registering a parcel is between 5 and 7 USD. The target, now, is to have all titles for adjudicated and demarcated parcels issued by December 2013.
To ensure the sustainability and maintenance of the land registry, Land Administration Information System (LAIS) was developed. The System deals with land transactions in electronic secure way and will reduce time and costs, thus improving investment climate.

Please join us Wednesday 17th October at 5:00pm in FAED Classroom 2 for the lecture.

We hope to find you all there.


Due to unforeseen causes with our Guest lecturer, Dr Donna Rubinoff, the ARCTALK of today (Producing space and place in Kigali) has been cancelled.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


It is our pleasure to invite you to the second of the arctalks, the public lecture series sponsored by the Department of Architecture at KIST.

This wednsday, we will hear from Dr Donna Rubinoff about producing space in kigali: Designing and building Kigali's Institutions of Sustainable Urbanism.

Dr. Rubinoff will discuss her job as Senior Advisor in Sustainable Urbanism for the City of Kigali, the challenges she faces and the approaches she uses to translate urban plans into reality. 
She will explain how she strategically chooses, designs and develops the institutions that produce sustainable urban landscapes, space and place. 
In doing so, she will explain why a diverse professional background helps and why geographical theory is invaluable to solving urban design problems. 
She will illustrate with three examples drawn from Kigali Affordable Housing, Streetscape/Public Realm Design and ICT/E-Governance. 

Dr. Rubinoff has over 30 years of experience as an urban planner and designer, landscape architect and development geographer. She has worked in the private sector, as a public sector planner, and as a university professor. Most recently, she has been the Senior Advisor in Strategic Sustainable Urban Development for the City of Kigali, consulting on special projects for the City including Affordable Housing Policy and Strategy, Streetscape/Public Realm projects, and ICT systems for urbanization. During 2011 she was Senior Advisor in Urban Planning to the City of Kigali. Previously, with OZ Architecture (2006 to 2011) she was the Project Director for the Kigali Sub Areas Plans (Kinyinya Town Center, Masaka Sector, Kimihurura Urban Center and Rebero Resort/Conference Center).

Please join us Wednesday 3rd October at 5:00pm in FAED Classroom 2 for the lecture.
We hope to find you all there.