WHAT IS THE VALUE OF DESIGN? MASS Design Group: Public lecture and Exhibition, FRIDAY 19 August 2.00 pm

With a scope of work beyond the purview of most architecture firms, MASS works as a partner with governments, NGOs, private sector firms, and health care experts to bring appropriate, empowering design work and advocacy for typically underserved and under-resourced areas. In this talk, Sierra Bainbridge (MASS Country Director) and Garret Gantner (MASS Project Manager) will discuss a holistic approach to design that seeks to increase the value of the architectural profession through interdisciplinary research, capacity building, and immersion in the field.

Butaro Hospital, Rwanda

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  1. sounds interesting! i think as architects to be it will be a powerfull and ineteresting discussion that can help us understand more about the value our profession(architecture).
    all of us need to attend this