Peter Rich Architect's ,and founder partner of Light Earth Designs LLP, balances teaching and producing architecture and at the same time helping to empower a younger generation of architects.

Peter Rich's distinctive body of work is testament to a lifetime of commitment to the creation of a uniquely African architecture. He has learnt form the spatial and aesthetic elements of African tribal settlements. His work has the ability to fuse Modernist principles and local tribal conventions and sensitiveness to material and environment. His practice transmits a deep understanding of context achieved through sustained research and collaboration with communities.

The lecture in relation with the exhibition LEARNT IN TRANSLATION draws on Peter Rich's extensive personal and professional career, through his drawings and travel sketches, models and photographs. Rich's working methodology emphasizes the importance of community engagement and research. Part of this process is intensive observation of people and environments, and documentation of the context for a project through sketching and measured drawings.

Peter Rich's lecture will be held in Esperance's nearly completed 'Football for Hope Centre' at 6pm Monday 12th September 2011.

The centre designed and built by Killian Doherty funded by Architecture for Humanity, will house Esperance's activities within the commity of Kimsagara the most densely populated, disadvantaged area in central Kigali with few opportunities for young people and alarming school dropout rates.

Esperance uses football as a tool for reconciliation, but also to facilitate life skills training and education for Rwandan youth.

Thanks to Esperance, L'Ecole Primaire de Kimisagara, Three Code Construction and FAED lecture series for organising this event


  1. I am so excited for this lecture!!! It is not all the time that we got an opportunity of meeting a such great architect!!! Don't miss it fellas!!!!

  2. nanjye nzaba mpari!!! I can't miss the lecture! I heard about the guy by his fantastic sketches now is my opportunity to see and ask him questions,,, go rich!!!!

  3. I can't wait!!
    I like his sketches too and his philosophy