This Wednesday 21st DECEMBER. The arcbox lecture series will have the pleasure to present the importance of language in shaping urban development by Dr. llaria Boniboruni.

to help architecture students know about their lecturers; through a series of lectures, arcbox lecture series will present to you all new lecturers of the department.

Dr.llaria is a new lecturer in the Department of architecture.This time she is going to share with us,”How words make the city”.

Words are very important not only to communicate and understand each other, but also to give meaning to things and therefore to shape reality. They are also important in architecture, urban design and urban planning because they have the power to influence the way we think about the city, how to interpret it, how to represent it and therefore how to change it.

The discourse about the city through the years has produced many ideas of what the city is, should be and how to achieve that idea. The production of these ideas is a “battle field” where different ideas struggle to emerge. The idea that manages to become dominant has the power to influence, more than other ideas, other discourses, to influence urban policies, masterplans and the way architects and planner envisage and design the city and/or parts of it.

Dr.llaria will show us how different ideas of the city have been conveyed, and how these have the power to construct different types of cities and different types of citizenship.
Nairobi will be used as a point in case to see how words have contributed to a certain type of urban development.

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