The ARCBOX GALLERY  in the faculty of architecture and environment design has restarted.
On the 20th December, 2011, there was the opening of the current exhibition. The theme is the last semester's students' best works. The work of the best students of architecture of all the 3 years is exhibited for the whole month of January.

The purpose of this exhibition is to share with the rest of the university and the academic and cultural world in Kigali, what happens in the Architecture department. This exhibition helps as well the students to get ideas from the work of their classmates.

Six student works are in exhibition in FAED Arcbox, including:
From the first years we have the work of Aziz Farid Shyaka and Christian Karagire. That semester the topic was to research of the weaving techniques and materials to create a design for a bus stop in Gashora.

The works from the second year's are represented by Jean Paul Bigirimana and Theophile Uwayezu. They designs are based in the reinventon and design for  anew market in Nyabugogo, where the importance of dealing with context, transportation, interior circulation, etc. were critical.

Representing the third year's the exhibition holds the works of Jean Paul Sebuhasyuwase and Thierry Iraguha. Their projects where based on a travelling studio they perform to Mombasa, to learn from other cultures, the swahili architecture. They learnt how to deal with an historical context, the importance of culture and heritage, and how architecture can deal with those topics. They where entering the world of the building technologies and the multi purpose and mixed uses. their design was to develop a wood workshop in Mombasa's old town.

This exhibition is taking place in FAED Arcbox up to the end of the month, and the Arcbox is open from 8AM till 5PM.

We hope to see you all there!


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