PUBLIC LECTURE_ Architecture and Authorship

It’s our pleasure to invite you to the public lecture: “Architecture and Authorship: from Gino Valle to open source architecture" by Prof. Pierre-Alain Croset. Prof. Pierre-Alain Croset is a Full Professor for Architectural and Urban Design at Politecnico di Torino; Director of the Master Program in Architecture, Construction, City and is also President of the Research Commission The lecture will discuss some questions concerning the complex relations between architecture, the architects as authors, and the buildings as works. The work and the figure of the Italian architect Gino Valle (1923-2003) will be at the center of this discussion, together with some other architects as Rafael Moneo and Alejandro Aravena. The hypothesis of architecture "without mark of author" will be illustrated in relation with the new challenges of the increasing global urbanization and new ethical engagements for the present architects. It will take place this Wednesday,December 8th at 4.30PM, FAED Classroom 2. Come all

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