It’s our pleasure to invite you to the public lecture: Bumbogo Toponymic Urbanism by Guillaume Sardin

Africa is currently building its Urban Culture, in a global context of clusterized cities, of insularized space.

Urbanism shouldn’t be just about numbers. Although Africa is currently strongly lacking infrastructures, its needs cannot always be quantified. Urbanism should reflect culture, history and create a sense of belonging.

What if, instead of importing Beaux Arts Urbanism, we tried to reinterpret the archipelago city to propose an enhanced and adapted version of it? A city made to separate and join at the same time, a city of islands, imagination and exploration.

In a country of oral culture, toponymy (the study of place names) could help bonding the new urban society to its roots. Cities can make use of the meaning of places, and toponymy could be a tool for urban development all over Africa.

Bumbogo is a hill located in Kigali, Rwanda. Kigali is a dormant archipelago city, full of potential.

Bumbogo will be a manifest, a pragmatic utopia. By using the meaning of Rwanda and Kigali as a matrix, this project generates an ultra site-specific masterplan setting an example of fair urbanism."

The lecture will take place on Friday Feb 03rd at 2:00pm, in KIST FAED building,KIST campus,1st floor classroom 2

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