PUBLIC LECTURE_Venezia: a city born from the water

Arcbox cultural committee is pleased to present to you Edoardo Salzano.

Former Professor in Urban and Regional Planning and Dean of the School of Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning at the University IUAV of Venice, he also worked as a planning consultant in many Italian local governments. Author and editor of several books, journal articles, he collaborated with newspapers and magazines, and funded two planning journals and an online journal. He is founder and director of, an Italian website concerning urban planning, society and political issues. Edoardo works, actively supports and provide technical assistance to a number of the progressive organisations and urban movements in Italy, but also participating to international forums.

The lecture focuses mainly on VENICE,a city in northeast Italy; the city of Marco polo.

In the story by Italo Calvino “Invisible cities”, every time that Marco Polo describes to Kublai Khan one of the cities he had been vising he implicitly says something about Venice. Marco Polo speaks of his own city, Venice, in order to distinguish the qualities of the others cities.

For Edoardo Salzano, Venice it is the same.
The reason why he lives there; He cares and talk about its origins, history and changes occurring and He will never stop to worry about the transformations and damages that human beings are doing to the city and to the lagoon (a very particular type of wetland) on which the city relies for its survival.

It will take place this Wednesday, February 15th at 4:30 PM in FAED classroom 2.

Come all.

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