ARCTALK: The role of the AAR and contribution of Rwandan architects in changing skylines of Rwandan cities

It is our pleasure to invite you to the opening the new season of arctalks, with a talk by Jean Marie Vianney Kamiya, an architect with GMK Architects and President of the Architectural Association of Rwanda (AAR).
The presentation will be about the achievements of the Rwandan Association since its formation in 1997 to date, in Rwanda as well as in East African Region. We will emphasize more on the role of AAR in promoting the profession of architects and fostering a sustainable built environment in which Rwandan Architects play a leadership role.
The presentation will introduce to the students some of the works done by Rwandan Architects and talk about some of challenges they face in their professional practice. Based on specific projects or experience from our members we will give insights on the perceptions of local and foreign clients about architecture in Rwanda.
We will conclude the presentation by laying out the vision of the association for the next fifteen years, especially that we have the project of law governing the profession of Architects and Engineers soon to be signed and take effect and next year FAED will produce the first class of graduate architects.  We hope this part will open a discussions with students and faculty on  ways to  make effective our association, , what they think we should have done that we didn’t and how they think we can shape the future together when the join the association as registered architects.
Please join us tomorrow Wednesday 26th September at 4:30pm in FAED Classroom 2 for the lecture.  
We hope to find you all there

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