It is our pleasure to invite you to the arctalks, the public lecture series sponsored by the Department of Architecture at KIST.

Wednesday 21th November, we hear from Architect Anne Feenstra, owner of AFIR Architects related to Kabul University.
Anne is a Dutch architect living and working in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is owner of AFIR Architects and related to Kabul University. Anne is the local representative of CIE in Afghanistan and works with his team on the renovation of the National Museum and manages the renovation of the Bagh-e-Jahan nama Palacein Khulm.
Anne Feenstra (Netherlands) practices a fine and subtle sustainable architecture with design philosophies based on innovative techniques and contemporary architecture, while respecting traditional skills and local building materials. With his design teams and extensive research he has successfully developed community supported projects in India and Afghanistan.

Please join us Wednesday 21th November at 5:00pm in FAED Classroom 2 for the lecture.
We hope to find you all there.

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