This semester the 3rd year students of architecture went to Mombasa, with the scope to develop a research on the Swahili architecture. The department of architecture has organized this Traveling studio to learn from the urban fabric and the Swahili architecture of the sea port city. The learning outcomes of the trip were the starting point to develop the second semester project. The program of a building inserted in a rich preexisting context, with a rich religious and cultural heritage of an UNESCO metropolitan landscape, it has to learn from a sustainable local construction, shifting ecologies and varied civic and community environment.
Once back home, third year design studio organized a public lecture for Kist staff, FAED students and some outside guests. The presentation was focused in the trip, the perceptions and sensations of its protagonists and on architectural concepts.
The leit motive were the preliminary studies on 3 specific sites that will be further developed  during the semester during design studio. The students shared their experiences and learning outcomes had during the week of the trip.
Vice rector Academics, Prof. John S. Mshana took time to attentively see the students work, and he kindly appreciated both faculty staff and students for the good presentations exhibited.
The introduction and guidance of Prof.Tomà Berlanda drive the audience throughout the trip and gave them the atmosphere of the trip, some entertaining stories and information took during the travel.
All students who spoke on behalf of their colleagues took time to shear their experiences in terms of architecture and social life. The third year’s also shared their impressions taken from different population, landscapes and cities along the three different eastern African countries crossed (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania).
As FAED students, we want to thank KIST administration for the continued support rendered to us.

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