The past Friday, June 24th 2011, the semester’s exhibition series were inaugurated, with the previous semester‘s best works. 1st 2011 was the name of the event that hosted design studio’s projects from all years.
The students housing in KIST campus, developed by the third year’s was represented by the work of the teams composed by: Jean de Dieu and Lambert  and Thierry and Aloys.
The second year’s presented a Public Library project with works of Jean PAUL BIGIRIMANA, Flavia GWIZA and Emmanuel HAVUGIMANA 
The first year design studio was represented by the works of KAYIJUKA eric,NDAYAMBAJE J.damascene,AMAHORO eunyce,Olga,JMV,Fatumah,Vianey,Victor and Aziz.
The exhibition was a huge success and students were amazed about the work of their colleagues, that encouraged them to improve and work harder in further studios.
This was a good starting point for the exhibition series we hope to keep it up and see more works in future events!

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