This week the arc box has hosted the exhibition PHOTO PLAY by Mark Robins the Dean of School of  Architecture of Syracuse University. The photos included some homes,  of  Architecture students’ who volunteered and helped to the caption of those pictures that showed their own domestic spaces.

“The hearth within a house could be understood as the site of the first public forum. Domestic space is at once private and public”. Gottfried Semper.

The morning of  26th July 2011,after the Theory class, the pin up in the arcbox and around it of giant adhesives  took place. Aaron Levy the founder of the Perpetual Peace Project is starting together with the arcbox gallery the PERPETUAL PEACE PROJECT interactive exhibition.

This event is going to drive us trough the universal concepts of peace and its relation with architecture and arts. On those adhesives some phrases were written, around the idea of peace extracted from Immanuel Kant’s essay “ Perpetual Peace” and students were invited to translate it into Kinyarwanda. This was a great moment for students as well as for lectures as it is shown on pictures. Everybody was amazed!!!

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