BARRIER FREE DESIGN:public lecture FRIDAY 12 3.00pm

Dr. Yoshihiko KAWAUCHI, a professor of engineering at Toyo University in Japan, is an expert in barrier-free and universal design. 

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  1. The arcbox lecture series, had the honor this past Friday August 12, to host the lecturer KAWAUCHI YOSHIHIKO, Ph.D. with a lecture focused in the “Non Handicapping Environment”
    On behalf of FAED staff Mrs. Josephine Malonza Dean of FAED gave a welcoming speech and gave Prof. Yutaka Sho the word, to introduce the guests to audience.
    Prof Kawauchi has worked in different topics of architecture including; universal free design, hospitality for everybody and participator design. After
    He focused the talk in his own project , introducing the topic of accessibility from the point of view of the toilets. His practice wants to implement processes of participatory design, introducing the user into the decision making,” ACCESS AUDIT”.
    He explain the main 4 steps of Access Audit which are:
    • Understand the real situation: which is about stroll around the site, hearing from the targeted users, getting basic information from specialists/professionals.
    • Focus on the issue: is about to discuss (on the map) on issues that they should focus on.
    • Deepen the issue: visit the site again, measure, hearing, taking photos
    • Think the solution: this was about
    - Discussion on the map again and find out the solution, check the requirements, guidelines. - understand limitations by technical, financial and human resources. - building the consensus of the solution.
    After these explanations he gave us an introduction of ACCES AUDIT in Philippines where they have found some quick solutions, like Program Accessibility as an arrangement to make programs or services accessible for different individuals.
    He concluded the lecture by saying that:
    “Handicap is a disadvantage you get from the surrounding environment. If you improve the environment, you can reduce the handicap. But if that improvement is not successful, your handicap will be continued or increased. So, “how you improve it” is important. Users know the answer. But they haven’t been aware it or they don’t know how to use it.

    Designers or specialists are a kind of interface to connect users and environments. If you are a good interface, the needs of users will be reflected into the environments. Please be a good interface and reduce disadvantages and make the environment better, safer, more accessible and more comfortable for all people.”

    The Vice Rector in charge of Academics in his closing speech, thanked the lecturer prof. KAWAUCHI YOSHIHIKO for his time and presentation. He closed by encourageing FAED staff and student to continue their effort in increasing student’s knowledge.