Next week, on Wednesday 10 August, at 15.00hs the arcbox lecture series will host a public lecture about earth and sustainable techniques of building.

The organization, La Voûte Nubienne is currently working on a project for Gardens for health near by Kigali, during the month of August. The guests are going to explain us the traditional technique of the nubbian vault and how it is applied all over the world.

We hope to see you there.

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  1. Professor Elorduy <3

  2. May Nubian vault be built in any country of the world?

  3. This nubian vault is so good but it need to be refined in terms of materials use and calculations

    RENE Arcbox member

  4. This past Wednesday 10th August 2011 the FAED arcbox lectures series hosted the exhibition BUILDING WITH EARTH: LA VOÛTE NUBIENNE. To masons from Burkina fasso, experts in Nubian vault construction technique, explain us the technique and a project that is being developed in Ndera, for the organization Gardens for Health. The presentation about the timeless African technique of building vaulted roofs was driven by Saidou Youlou and idrissa Sawado.
    During the lecture, Mr. Saidou explained in depth the idea behind the use of Nubian vault, he said that they have chosen the Nubian vault for many positive reasons as: Use the sustainability of means and materials (earth, which is available all over the word), and the improvement of building local labor.
    Mr. Saidou gave us also information about the Ndera’s project, that involves the construction of 3 big vaults for mushroom production.
    He explained different construction details emphasizing they also use stone, but only in the foundation. He added that they use 2 different kinds of bricks during the construction of walls and vault, to achieve the necessary strength and resistance.
    Mr. Idrissa said that buttress wall will be 60cm thick and gable wall will be 40 cm thick , he added that they will use mix of mud and cow dung as finishing in the wall.
    Some external visitors came by for the lecture enriching the lecture with questions and different insights. The presentation concluded with some questions from audience.
    We hope to be able to visit the site and learn more about this interesting technique.