Join us for a public lecture as the third year Architecture students present their findings and experiences of their research trip to Tanzania as part of the Department’s annual traveling design studio.  The aim of this studio is to learn the importance of the context in the development of an architectural design, in all the stages of the process.

To learn and to teach architecture, to understand it and design it, it should be first experienced; that is the reason why a trip has been organized and performed to the neighboring country. In Tanzania the students and lecturers have learnt from cities, landscapes, flavors, climate and other teaching experiences. Specifically in Stone town, where the project will be based, the students have researched and learnt from the richness and complexity of the Swahili culture and its architecture. The importance of history, culture and traditions to build up for the future can be also applied in the Rwandan building experience.

Swahili architecture and the entire trip is the center of this public lecture and exhibition, where the third year students will guide us trough their findings and experiences.

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