It is our pleasure to invite you to the next arctalk and of the department of Architecture in FAED.
This next Wednesday May 16th the arctalks guest will be Edward Kyazze Head of Division for Housing, Urban Planning and Development in Rwanda Housing Authority, Ministry of Infrastructure. In this talk he will attempt to assess the current status of housing planning, production and implementation (supply and demand issues) in Rwanda but in particular on an urban context.

The talk Rwanda Housing authority:strategic approaches for an adequate housing, will also identify the existing problems and challenges in the housing industry while presenting some of the strategic mechanisms to such demanding issues in a bid to ensure production of adequate and affordable low and medium-income housing on an urban-wide scale.

The lecture will take place this next Wednesday May 16th at 5.00 pm at FAED building, studio 3rd year. Please, find attached the flyer,

We hope to find you all there.

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