It is our pleasure to invite you to the opening of the new season of Cinemarc, the cinema series sponsored by the Department of Architecture at KIST.

This Wednesday 24th October, we will show you THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

Based on the 1943 eponymous novel by Ayn Rand, the 1949 film adaptation of the Fountainhead’ charts the architectural trajectory of Howard Roark. A talented and aspiring architect, Roark struggles to find commissions for work, from clients that allow him artistic autonomy, whilst his less creative, but more obedient, peers such as Peter Keating seem to follow the pack and succeed. However the meaning of ‘success’ to Roark is grounded within his inherent need for artistic freedom and not the quantity of work. Disenchanted by trends of architecture ruling the profession, he abandons architectural practice to work in a stone quarry. A series of understanding clients, however pull back Roark from the brink of obscurity, yet the resilience of his artistic ego arising from concepts of the ‘ownership’ of his designs, result in drastic undertakings and explosive results.

'THE FOUNTAINHEAD' was shown as part of ARCHITECTURAL THEORY IV (ARC 3322) lecture on Ethics taught in Semester 2 by Killian Doherty.

Please join us Wednesday 24th October at 5:00pm in FAED Classroom 2 for the projection.

We hope to find you all there.

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