It is our pleasure to invite you to the third of the arctalks, the public lecture series sponsored by the Department of Architecture at KIST.
Wednesday 17th October, we hear from Eng. Didier G. SAGASHYA, Deputy Director General of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority.
Eng. SAGASHYA will discuss about building land administration in Rwanda through land tenure regularization.

Rwanda is undergoing social and economic transformations after 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, had a new Constitution in 2003 and a national land policy in 2004. Subsequently an organic law related to land use and management was enacted in 2005.  The policy and the law set principles for land ownership, land use planning and land administration which were inexistent and incoherent before.
In order to ensure security of tenure, institutions in charge of land were established right from national to cell level. With high political will, target to register all lands in Rwanda was incorporated in the EDPRS 2008-12.
The programme aimed at registering 10million parcels of land in 2148 cells using Aerial Ortho-photos and para-surveyors for demarcation and cell land committees together with village leaders for adjudication. As of end of September 2012, 10.4 million parcels (100%) have been adjudicated and demarcated and 5.8 million leasehold titles approved and printed for issuance. The total cost for registering a parcel is between 5 and 7 USD. The target, now, is to have all titles for adjudicated and demarcated parcels issued by December 2013.
To ensure the sustainability and maintenance of the land registry, Land Administration Information System (LAIS) was developed. The System deals with land transactions in electronic secure way and will reduce time and costs, thus improving investment climate.

Please join us Wednesday 17th October at 5:00pm in FAED Classroom 2 for the lecture.

We hope to find you all there.

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