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Some Q&A from frequently asked questions are below:

Q: Can teams be composed of graduates and current students?
A: This is a student competition.  Only current students and graduates from 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic 
years are eligible to participate.

Q: Beyond my registration number, is there anything that needs to be completed to make me qualified to enter?
A: Page 8 of the competition brief must be filled out and submitted with your entry on July 7.  Entries without this 
form will not be eligible.  All team members must be listed on the form but one primary contact and address 
should be indicated. 

Q: Are there additional site images available?
A: Each team is provided with the same CAD plan and two aerial images of the site.  Any additional research into the site, culture, history and demographics of Rwanda is up to the individual team to source.

Q: What are the hours of operation for the ECD Centers?
A: Current facilities operate from 7AM until 5PM.  Children often stay for 4-5 hour blocks of time before and after 

Q: What does "$15000 per unit" refer too?  
A: The estimated cost of construction is for one classroom unit per the program currently being implemented in Rwanda.  Each classroom is considered a unit.  The $15000 USD does not include the costs for the auxiliary and administrative facilities required in the program.

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